Buy your priest a beer day!

Kristen Wheeler 1 comment

  In honor of today, September 9th, “Buy your priest a beer day,” I present to you the story of a thirsty nun who had an affection for beer, as any good Irishman does.  The story goes that Brigid worked in a leper colony in a time when beer was the drink of choice. Water sources were often polluted and unsafe for consumption, resulting in sickness and even death. But alcohol provided a nearly sterile solution to the hydration problem. And because beer is ripe with grains, it also served much needed nourishment. Brigid found that the precious fermented was...

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Joan of "Art"

Kristen Wheeler

I had already completed my first Joan of Arc commission and was in the middle of painting my second, Joan on her horse, when I received an email from the Art Association of New Orleans. The email included information about submitting to the "Joan of Art" art show put on by the Joan of Arc Project and Ariodante Gallery of New Orleans. I jumped at the chance to submit. I heard back soon after that I was chosen as one of the top 9 artists to have submitted and that my work would be featured in their Joan of Art...

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