“You are truly inspired with these beautiful icons. Every one is a touching, holy, beautiful piece of love!!”
"You have perfectly captured the mystery of St. Catherine of Bologna; that she praised God through her art, just as you do, is so beautiful to me. We need more beauty in this world!"
“I don’t know how to describe this, but I feel like you’ve really captured something in Jeanne d'Arc's face. Beauty, youthfulness, but also a kind of burden. She has a serious, vaguely pained yet determined look, very appropriate"
“It makes me smile (and ponder) every time I look at St. Martha and Mary. I’m very glad you are sharing your gifts in this way.”
"Joan of Arc is so special to me. I recently learned that I'm a descendant of one of the witches tried at Salem. I thought it was just amazing that this kind of persecution of women for their unique gifts has followed me. Joan and Mary both died good Christian women, and it just speaks to me so loudly."

More Products!

If you are interested in more icon items, my other artwork and additional products, please check out my Society6 shop! You can purchase cool stuff like pillows, tote bags,  notebooks, trays, and other home decor, as well as canvas prints and other items to hang on your wall or display in your home. 

Click on an image below and learn more about your patron saint; their history, feast day, patronage, fun facts, and how I came to paint them. Writing their hagiographies is part of my process and I hope you take the time to learn more about these amazing historical figures.

Saints Coming Soon

Saints on the commission list in order of appearance:

Pauli Murray, Evelyn Underhill, Miriam of Goshen, Anne Mother of Mary, Clare of Assisi, Mary of Bethany, Margaret of Scotland, Mary & Martha at Jesus' feet, Roch of Montpellier, Frances Joseph Gaudet, Gregory the Illuminator, Venerius the Hermit, Woman with the lost coin, Phillip the Apostle, Woman at the well, Martin of Tours, Thomas the Apostle, Phoebe the Deacon, Joseph of Arimathea, Joseph Terror of Demons, Jesus the Gardener, All Souls' Day

If you are interested in commissioning an original icon, please contact us directly for more information.

About Modern Iconography

I've always loved traditional icons; they possess an inherent beauty that can be felt deep within our hearts and change us for the better. After researching traditional iconography, it's specific techniques, processes, and materials, I discovered that I craved more of my voice as an artist to shine through rather than copying what's been done for centuries. During the Covid-19 lockdown, I felt a call to start writing icons and was left to use the materials I had available to me; acrylic and gouache paint, block panel wood, and paint markers. I started with Jesus of the Sacred Heart and once I shared him on social media it exploded from there with "can you paint {fill in the blank saint here} too?" and "where can I purchase copies?" So now we have the Ministry of Saints, and it just keeps growing. I am beyond grateful and blessed to do this. Thank you to all for your love and support.

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About Kristen

I'm a painter, photographer, writer, and explorer. As a member and postulant for the diaconate in the Episcopal Church, I live and breathe the church every day. I am a deeply spiritual individual, with friends and family of every spectrum of belief and non-belief. I believe that as long as you are a good person to yourself and others, the rest of the details are lagniappe. I believe my only job as a Christian is to be the best example I know how to be, by not just saying that I love Jesus, but truly loving LIKE Jesus the very best I can. I live and love in Southeast Louisiana with my husband, Basset Hound, rambunctious kitty, and massive collection of house plants. 

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