Priscilla and Aquila had a very close relationship with Paul and shared the same profession; tentmaking. While not much is known about the missionary couples’ history, it is known that they are always mentioned together and never separately, that their love for each other and for the teachings of Jesus were known by all who surrounded them, and that they had their very own church inside their home before Christian churches were built. They evoke hospitality and kindness and represent a respectful love towards one another that I wish for every couple in the universe.

I kept hearing “grow old together” when I was writing this icon so I wanted to honor that with their depicted age. We don’t know (and never will) if they actually got to grow old together or if they simply wished to. Either way, this is the vision of them that kept coming to me as I studied their history. Peaceful, honest, and humble love in a time where their country and its people were in great distress, shown in the faces of two people who carried those suffrage’s with them. They shared that same respectful love with everyone they encountered and helped along their path. May we all find this kind of love and peace in our lives when we help others through our own relationships.

Priscilla and Aquila are the patron Saints of marriage and missionaries.