George of Lydda is the patron saint of soldiers and the country of England. The story goes that George stood strong in his faith in a time that Christianity was condemned by the Romans, he was said to be only 19 or 20 years old.

One day, he came upon a maiden in the woods who was tied to a tree, waiting to be sacrificed as a meal to a dragon that was terrorizing a small kingdom. George slayed the dragon and the kingdom was grateful, asking what they could do in return of his valiant deed. The king offered his daughter (the girl originally tied to the tree) as his wife, George denied her and asked that the kingdom turn to Christianity. They obliged.

George was a leader in the Roman army. When he would not denounce his faith, he was put in prison and tortured. He withstood the torture to the severe frustration of his accusers. Finally, he was decapitated and died a martyr.

Studying St George has taught me to always stand up for my faith, to stay strong and wise in my words, and to trust that my spirit will carry me through.

What does St George teach you?