The Red Egg

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The Red Eggs sold out very quickly last year and I want to make sure I have time to paint these and get them to you during the Lent season in preparation for Easter. All orders will be shipped out on or before March 30th. 
There are two sizes available of the custom hand decorated eggs: extra large eggs are flat on the bottom for resting on a hard surface and standard egg size/shape. The extra large ones are $39.99 plus shipping and the egg-size ones are $19.99 plus shipping. Solid wood eggs are hand-painted and custom detailed. Each one is unique and different from another.
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From my own meditation on Mary Magdalene

"Red is the bleeding heart. It’s the blood that ran down his face from the crown of thorns they pushed so far into his skin. Red is the wine in the cup we all shared and drank from that night. It’s the Nile River that Moses turned to blood in front of his own brother in the first plague of Egypt all those centuries ago. Red is the tears that Mother Mary shed asking God why she had to suffer the torture of losing her son and witnessing his tragic death. It’s the color of our clothes, the color of my lips when they kissed his cheek. Red is the color that unites us all. for no matter what we look like on the outside, we are of the same color on the inside. Red is love because Jesus is love. his body covered in blood when he came off the cross, dying for all our sins and carrying our pain with him to heaven when he resurrected.”

From on the tradition of the red egg

In the Greek Orthodox tradition, the traditional greeting on Easter, and for the next 40 days until the Ascension, is "Christos Anesti" (Christ is risen), followed by the response "Alithos Anesti" (Truly he is risen).

The egg was a symbol of life in antiquity and from the tomb life came out, the Risen Lord, while the red color symbolizes crucified and resurrected Christ’s life-giving blood.

In the Orthodox faith, the red color of the eggs symbolizes several things. The Roman soldiers put a red cloak on Christ, King of the Jews, while mocking and torturing Him.

Also, two years after the Resurrection, Mary Magdalene was carrying a basket full of white eggs as she went to Jerusalem, and met up with Tiberius, the governor after Pontius Pilate, whom she welcomed to Jerusalem and wished him to be righteous to the people of Jerusalem, unlike his predecessor, who crucified the Son of God who was resurrected on the third day.

Tiberius replied that, if all she had told him of the resurrection and the miracles performed by Christ were true, the white eggs in her basket should turn red and then he would believe. And behold, the eggs turned red. Mary Magdalene gave one red egg to the governor Tiberius and took one herself, saying "Christ is Risen", to which he replied "Truly, he is risen".

In another account, a woman who did not believe in the Resurrection of Christ said, "if the white eggs I am holding turn red, then I will believe", and the eggs miraculously turned red.

Still yet, the red color symbolizes the joy of the Resurrection, and wards off all evil.