Original Icon Writing on Wood Plaque: 9x12

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Before placing an order for an icon writing, please contact me first and make sure that your requested saint is available and not on the reservation list. This 9x12 wood plaque original written icon is for a full-body portrait of your selected patron saint. You get the original painting and I scan it at a high resolution and use it for reprints. I do not do duplicate written icons; you are welcome to purchase reprints, mini-icons, and other merchandise of saints that have already been depicted. All written icons are blessed by an Episcopal priest unless otherwise requested. 

Icon writings take time. Not just because the sketching, painting, and details take time, but because I study each saint before I write them. I pray with the saints, I learn their unique stories, and sometimes certain saints require more of my attention. Because of this, I can say that each written icon takes me about 2-3 weeks to complete depending on how many are ahead of yours. I ask for your patience and understanding and knowing that when you ask for a saint to be written, it is a holy act that cannot be rushed. If you are choosing a saint as a gift and are looking for a specific date for completion I will do my best to honor that request. 

As I am writing your saint icon, I will share interesting information I have discovered about them that you may not be aware of, and share progress images from sketch to completion to blessing. I also share work in progress images on instagram so make sure you follow me there too! 

I look forward to writing your saint and getting to know them (and you) better. 

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